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Thank you for visiting Vegan Online! My name is Sam and I am passionate about delicious plant based food. I decided to follow a vegan lifestyle full time in 2013. When I first became vegan; it was difficult to eat out! I would literally scroll down the menu and end up eating a limp side salad or a bean burger for the 10th meal out in a was boring and I knew that I had to change that!


Now I eat delicious food every day! I do not miss the taste of any animal product and my omnivore family and friends love my recipes too...vegan and plant based is great (and tasty) for everyone!


About Me

Back in 2013, my father passed away from cancer and it left me devastated. It also eventually left me thinking more widely about the food we consume and the effect it has on the human body. 

I read a lot of books, watched a lot of documentaries, read various scientific papers, followed other YouTubers and bloggers. I ultimately came to the decision, that a plant based diet was the healthiest choice for me and it was no longer necessary to eat any animal products.

I also learned more about the animal agriculture industry and poor animal welfare practices. This concerns me deeply and whilst Vegan Online is not an activist blog; I will link resources which I hope you may take the time to read and make an educated decision for yourself.

I would like everyone; whether you're vegan, plant based, veggie or omnivore to enjoy the recipes and products on Vegan Online. Vegan and Plant Based food is great for your taste buds, great for the animals, great for your health and great for the planet.

Enjoy! x

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